WIN $500 to take your Regenerative Agriculture skills to the next level!

During September & October Agtalent is giving away 40 x $500 vouchers to spend on approved training programs.

There will be 5 winners per week from the 11th of September. So get in quick!


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Competition Details:

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, Commonland and Wide Open Agriculture, we will be giving away forty $500 vouchers to support the advancement of regenerative agriculture in Western Australia.

  • The program is open to West Australian residents only.
  • To enter simply fill out the short questionnaire below.
  • 5 winners will be announced each Wednesday beginning the 11th of September, so get in quick!
  • You only need to enter once and you will be considered for each round.
  • Winners will receive a $500 credit on their Agtalent account, to spend however they like on approved training programs during the next 12 months.

See full terms and conditions here.

Before you enter you need to:

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Password must contain letters and numbers and be minimum of 8 characters

To enter answer the below questions:

1. Tell us in 80 words or less why you are interested in regenerative agriculture?
2. Tell us in 80 words or less what you will do with your newfound knowledge (How will you implement your learning?)

About our sponsors

Commonland is dedicated to supporting large scale landscape and community restoration initiatives all over the globe.

Commonland believes that landscape restoration offers tremendous untapped opportunities for sustainable economic development. Our goal is to support and facilitate the transformation of degraded and depopulated landscapes through the development of inspirational solutions that will create new jobs and business opportunities; secure local food supplies; and restore biodiversity, soil and water quality. Commonland’s 4 returns, 3 zones, 20-year framework combines and connects different landscapes throughout the world, with flagship landscape-level initiatives in The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Western Australia.

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Western Australia’s leading regenerative food and farming company

Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: WOA) is a Regenerative Food & Farming company. Through our farmland portfolio and our Dirty Clean FoodTM brand, we grow and sell delicious, healthy food. We partner with farmers committed to rebuilding healthy soil, enhancing biodiversity and restoring waterways. We are seeking strong, sustainable financial returns and are committed to making a positive, measurable impact on the ecosystems and communities in which we operate.

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